Five Friends. One Girl from Hoboken. Movie Night will Never be the Same.

Rachel Wolf (LA'SARAH)

Kerrington Fier (BLAKE)

Justin Scarelli (ASHLEY)

Beth Crudele (JAYNEE)

Oriana Nudo (ESTHER)

Rance Collins (KEVIN)

A long time independent filmmaker with two film musicals under his belt,

Rance has a room named after him at his Alma Mater. Hailing from Texas, he is looking to become the next Ron Howard.

Kerrington is a graduate of

the USC School of Cinematic

Arts with a minor in Theater. He was featured in the television show

"The Prince."

Beth is an actress from New York and also an avid fan of Betty White and Arthur Miller.  She was featured in

"Gossip Girl" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." Beth

plans to go far in this business.

Los Angeles native, a graduate of the University

of Miami, and is recently

featured in the upcoming TV movie "West Side" and the independent feature "Guide." Go Canes!

Justin is a writer from New Hampshire pursuing a career in television. He recently worked on Joss Whedon's soon to be released film "In Your Eyes."

Waiting for the day Robert Osborne calls out sick, Oriana is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts with a B.A. and M.A. in Film Critical Studies.